Load cell

PR6202 Application PR6201 is a hygienic compression load cell, which features absolute accuracy in tank and hopper weighing. It is made from stainless steel in a hygienic design, which makes it the first choice for food plants. Benefits Hygienic and extremly robust, reliable and accurate. Unique strain guauge technologie allows extended temperature range (-30 to + 95°C). Pre-calibrated output signal. Capacity Range: 500kg - 25t. Accuracy: C1. Ingress Protection: IP68, eqiuvalent to NEMA 6. PR6251 Application PR6251 PanCake level cell is the ideal solution for all level control requirements using level-by-weight measurements of liquids and solids. It is made from stainless steel. Benefits Only 25/35 mm installation height. Also available with 4-20 mA output signal (LA). Capacity Range: 500kg - 16t. Accuracy: L. Hermetically welded seal, IP68 equivalent to NEMA 6. CENELEC Ex-version available (LE).

PR6211/6212 Application PR6212 is a compact compression load cell, which features absolute accuracy in tank and hopper weighing. Benefits Extremly robust, reliable and accurate Compact design ensuring a low system height Capacity Range: 100kg - 5t Accuracy: D1 Corrosion resistant

 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Hygienic load cell
1-10 tonnes
PR6202 nominal capacity 1t 90503-9915 
PR6202 nominal capacity 2t90503-9916
PR6202 nominal capacity 4t90503-9917
PR6202 nominal capacity 6t90503-9918
PR6202 nominal capacity 10t90503-9919
 Hygienic load cell
25 tonnes
PR6202 nominal capacity 25t 90503-9920 

 DescriptionDenominationDEHRPart NoAdd to cart
 Pancake load cell
0,5-16 tonnes
PR6251/52L nominal capacity 0.5t 1857.5252590503-9921 
PR6251/13L nominal capacity 1t1857.5252590503-9922
PR6251/23L nominal capacity 2t1857.5253590503-9923
PR6251/33L nominal capacity 3t1857.5255090503-9924
PR6251/53L nominal capacity 5t1857.5255090503-9925
PR6251/14L nominal capacity 10t21.757.5357090503-9926
PR6251/24L nominal capacity 16t23673510090503-9927
 Pancake load cell
0,5-16 tonnes analogue output signal
PR6251/52LA nominal capacity 0.5t 1857.5252590503-9928 
PR6251/13LA nominal capacity 1t1857.5252590503-9929
PR6251/23LA nominal capacity 2t1857.5253590503-9930
PR6251/33LA nominal capacity 3t1857.5255090503-9931
PR6251/53LA nominal capacity 5t1857.5255090503-9932
PR6251/14LA nominal capacity 10t21.757.5357090507-3944
PR6251/24LA nominal capacity 16t23673510090503-9933

PR6211 and PR6212
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Compact loadcell
0.1-5 tonnes
PR6211/12 D1 nominal capacity 100kg 90521-4658 
PR6211/22 D1 nominal capacity 200kg90521-4659
PR6211/32 D1 nominal capacity 300kg90524-4660
PR6212/52 D1 nominal capacity 500kg90524-4560
PR6212/13 D1 nominal capacity 1t90524-4557
PR6212/23 D1 nominal capacity 2t90524-4558
PR6212/33 D1 nominal capacity 3t90524-4559
PR6212/53 D1 nominal capacity 5t90524-4561


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