Unique Mixproof Tank Outlet valves

The concept of this mixproof valve is characterized by excellent unmatched flexibility - yet still being very simple. The modular design gives you the perfect valve for your exact needs in all mixproof tank outlet operations allowing two different products in pipeline and tank.
The body can be turned in any position if the clamp are slightly loosened.
Unique-TO offers pipe sizes from ISO51-101.6 and DN50-150.
The valve has two independet plug seals, forming a leakage chamber. In the leakage chamber there is only atmospheric pressure during every working condition. In case of rare accidental leaking of product, this flow into the leakage chamber and be discharged through the leakage outlet. When the valve is open, the leakage chamber is closed. The product can then flow from tank to pipeline.
The valve is water hammer protected in the pipeline due to the balanced plug that prevent the plug from closing to fast, when closing in the direction of product flow.

UNIQUE-Tank Outlet
 DescriptionDenominationAEGØDPart NoAdd to cart
 TO 30
Connection: Welding ends
Material: 1.4404 (316L)
Seals: EPDM
Unique-TankOutlet 51-30-EPDM 46867.91101206-9613 00 3302 
Unique-TankOutlet 63.5-30-EPDM52674.21101576-9613 00 3304
Unique-TankOutlet 76.1-30-EPDM52680.51101576-9613 00 3308
Unique-TankOutlet 101.6-30-EPDM56592.51501576-9613 00 3314


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