Eccentric screw pumps

Tetra Pak offer a wide range of eccentric screw pumps. The selection of pump requires individual assistans, that’s why there’s no part numbers in this chapter.

(Contact your Tetra Pak representative to get more information.)

Some data is required to select correct pump, such as: Product/Fluid Data Fluid to be pumped Viscosity SG/Density Pumping temperature, minimum, normal and maximum Cleaning in Place temperature(s), minimum, normal and maximum Performance Data Flow rate, minimum, normal and maximum Discharge head/pressure (closest to pump outlet) Suction condition BH and SH models - Open hygienic pin joints that is easy to clean - Pressure up to 24 bar - Mechanical seal SHJ Single shaft seal or Flushed shaft seal Application For non-viscous up to highly viscous fluids with or without particles e.g. Milk based pudding and Rice pudding. BH Block construction design with direct flanged drive and motor which means space saving SH Bearing house construction in “Heavy duty” design.


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