Positive displacement pumps

Tetra Pak offer a wide range of positive displacement pumps. Each pump is customer configured, that’s why there’s no part numbers in this chapter. Some data is required to obtain the optimum pump configuration, such as: Product/Fluid Data Fluid to be pumped Viscosity SG/Density Pumping temperature, minimum, normal and maximum Cleaning in Place temperature(s), minimum, normal and maximum Performance Data Flow rate, minimum, normal and maximum Discharge head/pressure (closest to pump outlet) Suction condition Contact your Tetra Pak representative to get more information.


DuraCirc Circumferential piston pumps

DuraCirc is ideal for hygienic applications within the dairy, food, beverage, home and personal care industries. The highly efficient design is particularly suited to applications that are low in viscosity with medium to high discharge pressures and require equipment that can be cleaned in place. The DuraCirc Circumferential Piston Pump is available with 13 different pump head displacements to handle flow rates up to 149 m3/h and differential pressures up to 40 bar.Benefits High volumetric efficiency performance Certified to both EHEDG and 3A Truly front-loading single seal, long life bearing and single long-life lubricant makes easier service and increasing process uptime Rubust, durable design via strong gearcase minimizes risk of pump head contact, reduce service requirement DuraCirc Uni-Fit port option allows easy direct replacement of both Alfa Laval SCPP range and also other major brands without changing pipework

SX Rotary Lobe Pumps

The SX range of rotary lobe pumps is designed for awide range of demanding applications within speciality food industries. SX pumps are also suitable for Sterilization In Place (SIP) cleaning procedures. SX pumps provide flow rate performances up to 115 m3/h dependent upon the application. The SX Rotary Lobe Pump is available with 14 different pump head displacements based on seven different gearbox modules to handle flow rates up to 115 m3/h and differential pressures up to 15 bar Benefits Low pulsation and very gentle pumping, making the pump ideal for sensitive products Minimized shearing for protecting end-product quality Low maintenance, increased process uptime Maximized performance and minimized risk of contamination


SRU Rotary Lobe Pumps The SRU range of rotary lobe pumps is designed for use in a wide diversity of applications within the dairy, food, beverage and other such industries. SRU pumps can handle from low to high viscosity media and are suitable for Cleaning in Place (CIP) and Sterilization In Place (SIP) procedures. The characteristic smooth, low shear pumping action of the SRU is ideal for pumping media such as creams, gels, emulsions, aerated mixtures, and delicate cells and organic solids in suspension. SRU pumps provide flow rate performance up to 106 m3/h dependent upon application. Benefits Consistent performance Minimal risk of contamination Low maintenance, increased process uptime Modular design for greater flexibility to configure exactly the right solution for specific process requirements


OptiLobe Rotary Lobe Pumps The OptiLobe range of rotary lobe pumps combines cost-effective simplicity with quality and reliability. The OptiLobe can be used for general applications within the Dairy, Beverage and Food Industries. The pump features the "EasyFit" front loading seal which allows quickly and easy inspection or replacement without the need for pipe work disassembly. The OptiLobe is compact, efficient and capable of flow rates up to 77 m³/h and pressures up to 8 bar with the available sizes: Optilobe 12, 13, 22, 23, 32, 33, 42, 52 & 53 Benefits Cost-effective, hygienic pump Optimal product quality due to gentle, low-shear operation Robust design for long service life Easy maintenance due to self-setting, front-loading seals Low total cost of ownership


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