Twin screw pumps

Tetra Pak offer a wide range of Twin screw pumps. Each pump is customer configured, that’s why there’s no part numbers in this chapter. Some data is required to obtain the optimum pump configuration, such as: Product/Fluid Data Fluid to be pumped Viscosity SG/Density Pumping temperature, minimum, normal and maximum Cleaning in Place temperature(s), minimum, normal and maximum Performance Data Flow rate, minimum, normal and maximum Discharge head/pressure (closest to pump outlet) Suction condition Contact your Tetra Pak representative to get more information.

The Twin Screw pump range combines process flexibility with the highest quality standards. The range has been certified by EHEDG and conforms to the 3A standard. Consequently, it is designed for use in applications within the Dairy, Beverage and Food industries where cleanability is paramount.

With a front-loading cartridge shaft seal, a rigid stainless steel gearbox with timing gears located between bearings, providing balanced loading of the shaft assembly and an oil chamber design with enhanced lubrication to the bearings and gears the Twin Screw pump is designed for optimal reliability and quick and easy maintenance.

The Twin Screw pump is available in nine models based on three frame sizes. Each frame size is available with three different screw profiles for varying pressure, flow and solids handling capabilities. Shaft seals are available as assembled cartridge seals or as a cost effective alternative a service kit with the wear parts you need to change in the cartridge seal.


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