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Analysis transmitters Liquiline CM44x series Application The Liquiline CM44x series are a serie of transmitters for the memosens technology that are used on this section of the catalogue. Both rack mounted and field mounted (with display) versions. Benefits Clever simplicity - One controller for all parameters and applications - Intuitive user interface - Automatic sensor recognition - Hot plug & play with pre-calibrated Memosens sensors. Highest flexibility - Universal modules for all parameters minimize spare part stock and allow for easy 1-click extension to up to 8 channels at any time. Simple and safe commissioning - Convenient setup multiplication to other devices with SD-Card saves time and minimizes effort. Process control and safety - Integrated web server that allows the operator to remotely view diagnostic data, perform configurations, or access device parameters in any web browser - even via Smartphone. PH CPF81D Application Orbipac CPF81D is the robust pH sensor for processes in treatment of industrial water and wastewater Benefits Suitable for flow and immersion installation Long time stable - Second electrolyte bridge for better protection against electrode poisoning ions such as S2- or CN- - Robust polymer housing protects against mechanical damage Optional flat membrane suitable for high flow rates and fibrous media Maximum process safety through non-contact inductive signal transmission CPS11D Application The CPC11D is a glass Ph sensor for Water treatment in Drinking water, cooling water and well water Benefits Maximum process safety through non-contact, inductive signal transmission Enables predictive maintenance due to storage of sensor and process-specific data Reduced operating costs thanks to minimized process downtime and extended sensor lifetime Optical absorption OUSAF11 Application OUSAF11 is a glass-free sensor for the inline detection of changing phases and suspended solids Benefits Highest safety for your products thanks to glass-free, hygienic design Cost savings and reduced product loss thanks to fast interphase detection Low-maintenance sensor with long service life and stable operation Flexible installation - Sensor features insertion (with Triclamp and Varivent connection) - Immersion (with holder and assembly system Flexdip CYA112 and CYH112) Robust sensor resists aggressive chemicals and fouling Suitable for cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilization-in-place (SIP) FDA and 3-A approval Turbidity ITM-51 Application Preferred turbidity meter for detection of phase separation like water/milk phase but also for products like cream and whey Benefits Compact front flush sensor Temp range -10…130 °C (Up to 140 °C max. 120 min for CIP) High reproducibility: ≤ 1 % of full scale  Selectable output value (%TU, NTU, EBC) Measurement range: 200…300.000 NTU equivalent Turbimax - CUS51D Application Memosens sensor for suspended solids and turbidity measurement in water, wastewater and utilities Benefits Fast and easy commissioning - Sensor comes precalibrated - Preconfigured ex factory Enables unattended plant operation: Intelligent design enables sophisticated self-cleaning capabilities and minimizes maintenance Perfect process adaption - Fast sensor positioning with holder - Assembly system Flexdip CYA112 and CYH112 Turbimax - CUS52D Application Hygienic Memosens sensor for turbidity measurement in drinking water, process water and utilities Benefits Measuring results like in the lab - Highly accurate and reliable monitoring of your water quality – even at the lowest turbidity Turbidity measurement without product loss - Hygienic inline measurement preserves each drop of water in the process Unattended operation - Intelligent design and practical accessories enable sophisticated self-cleaning capabilities and minimize maintenance Smart verification and calibration - Absolutely safe, liquid-free, without Formazin Great flexibility, simple handling - One sensor for all measuring points and all installation environments (inline or immersion) Improved process Control - Individually adaptable sensor response time Fast commissioning - Factory calibration - Memosens technology allow plug & play integration into your process

Nitrate Viomax - CAS51D Application Viomax CAS51D measures nitrate or SAC in drinking water, process water and wastewater applications as well as the utilities sector. Organic load or nitrate in inlet and outlet Determination of CODeq or TOCeq Monitoring, control and optimization of treatment processes Nitrate monitoring in the aeration basin and denitrification stage Benefits Cost-effective - Easy, chemical-free handling is safe, environmentally friendly and saves on operational expenditure Extremely fast response time - Measured value processing in the sensor provides reliable real-time process information Fast and easy commissioning - Sensor comes precalibrated and preconfigured ex factory Perfect adaption to open basins - Fast and flexible sensor positioning with Flexdip CYH112 holder and CYA112 assembly system Chlorine CCS142D Application Chloromax CCS142D is the digital, free chlorine sensor for all kinds of water Benefits Long calibration and maintenance intervals Easy membrane replacement thanks to prefabricated membrane cap Measured values are not affected by conductivity fluctuation Sensor can be installed in flow cell CCA250 or in immersion assemblies. Measurement virtually independent of the flow at flow velocities above 30 l/h or ~8 gal/h (CCA250) or above 15 cm/s or ~0.5 ft/s (immersion) Maximum process safety through no-contact inductive signal transmission

Analysis transmitters
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
CM44P multi.2x0/4-20mA 2DI 2DO 90524-6671 
CM442R multi.2x0/4-20mA 2DI 2DO 90524-6673 
CM442R multi.W/O I/O90524-6674

 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
PH-electrode, CPS11E 1-12pH 120mm 90533-0641 

Optical absorption
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
Sensor for CM44P transmitter
3 m cable
Connection: Varivent N
0-2,5 AU;(up to 0-5 OD) OPL 5mm 90524-6666 

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 Turbimax CUS51D
3 m cable
Turbimax CUS51D G1 NPT3/4 90524-6669 
 Turbimax CUS52D
3 m cable
Turbimax CUS52D G1 NPT3/4 90524-6670 
 ITM-51 Analog, Compact
18-36V DC, 4-20mA, 4-wire
-1-20bar, temp.-10-130deg.C/CIP 140deg.C
M12 plug 1.4301, vertical
Infrared backscatter method, color independent
Optical: Sapphire
ITM-51 Tri-Cl.1-1/2" w. display 70000163302 
ITM-51 Tri-Cl.1-1/2" w. long sensor w. display90532-7924
ITM-51 Tri-Cl.2" w. display70000164890
ITM-51 Varivent N w. display90532-7926
 ITM-51 Analog, Remote
18-36V DC, 4-20mA, 4-wire
-1-20bar, temp.-10-130deg.C/CIP 140deg.C
M12 plug 1.4301, vertical
Infrared backscatter method, color independent
Optical: Sapphire

Cable is not included
ITM-51 Tri-Cl.1-1/2" w. display 90532-7922 
ITM-51 Tri-Cl.2" w. display90532-7923
 Cable for remote version
5 meter cable for remote version of ITM-51
5-meter cable 90526-8294  
 ITM-51 IO-Link, Compact
18-36V DC, IO-Link + 4-20mA, 5-wire
-1-20bar, temp.-10-130deg.C/CIP 140deg.C
Display, M12 plug 1.4301, vertical
Infrared backscatter method, color independent
Optical: Sapphire
ITM-51 Tri-Cl.1-1/2" w display 70000164615 
ITM-51 Tri-Cl.1-1/2" w. long sensor w/o display90532-7925
ITM-51 Tri-Cl.1-1/2" w/o display90532-7920
ITM-51 Tri-Cl.2" w/o display90532-7921
ITM-51 Varivent N w/o display90532-7927

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 Viomax CAS51D
Nitrate clear water 0,01-20mg/l
NO3-N or 0,04-80mg/l NO3
Viomax CAS51D sensor 90524-6676 

Analysis accessories
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
Assembly, Unifit CPA842 90530-6331 
Measuring cable
CYK10 Memosens, pH 10m 90524-6679 
CYK10 Memosens, pH 5m90524-6678


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