Accessories, weighing

PR6002 mounting kit is designed for tank weighing together with the specific load cell PR6202.
Hygienic design in stainless steel.
Best weighing performance because mounting kits and load cells form a complete weighing unit.
Designed to withstand high lateral forces.
Mounting kit with integrated lift-off protection, stops and dummy.
Capacity Range: 500kg - 25t (and higher).

PR6051 mounting equipment should always be used together with the pancake load cell PR6251. One transition plate and one base plate are needed per load cell.
Full stainless steel.
Capacity Range: 500kg - 16t.

PR6101 mounting pivot for fixed tank legs, to be used together with load cells PR6201 or 6202.

MP30 accessories
Output boards for MP30 transmitter/indicator for analogue and digital signals.

Connection accessories
Junction boxes and cables for load cells.

Mounting kits for PR6261
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 For Novego PR6261
Adapter plate PR6061/00S w Bolts for br. 90529-0846 
Pivoting base PR6061/02S for rack mount.90529-0847
Pivoting base PR6061/03S f. floor mount.90529-0848

Mounting kits for PR6202
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
For 1-10 tonnes
PR6002/02S 1-10t 90503-9943 
For 25 tonnes
PR6002/03S 25-50t 90503-9944 
For 1-10 tonnes
PR6002/04S 1-10t 90503-9945 
For 25 tonnes
PR6002/05S 25-50t 90503-9946 
For 1-10 tonnes and 25 tonnes
PR6002/10S 1-10t 90503-9947 
PR6002/11S 25-50t90503-9948

Mounting kits for PR6201 and PR6202
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Pivots for 5 tonnes and 20 tonnes
For PR6201 and PR6202 5t Stainless Steel 90510-0089 
For PR6201 and PR6202 20t Stainless Steel90510-0090
Pivots for 50 tonnes
For PR6201 and PR6202 50t Stainless Steel 90510-0091 

Mounting kits for PR6251
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
Transition plate
PR6051/00S 0.5 - 16t 90507-3945 
Base plate
PR6051/12S 0.5 - 16t 97mm 90521-7849 

Mounting kits for PR6211 and PR6212
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 Mounting kits for PR6211 and PR6212
PR6012/00S, 30kg-300kg 90522-7831 
PR6012/02S, 500kg-10t90524-7866
PR6012/32S, Maxi Flexlock 500kg-10t90524-7867

Weighing electronics
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Junction box
For loadcells
PR6130/34Sa 1.4301 AISI 304 90522-1029 
SS ATEX 121/222 PR6130/65S90511-8245
For loadcells
Grey, by meter, minimum 51m 90503-9951 
Grey, 10 m90503-9952
Grey, 20 m90503-9953
Grey, 30 m90503-9954


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