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Prowirl F200 C Generation Application Saturated steam mass measurement Benefits Integrated temperature measuring for mass/ energy flow of saturated steam HeartBeat application package enables real-time sensor self diagnostic check and verification Wet steam capabilities for DN 25 to 300 (1 to 12") integrated temperature sensor for steam mass measurement application Long-term stability – robust drift-free Optional integrated pressure measurement for more accurate and reliable steam mass calcualtion Space-saving engineering – inlet run compensation models are avaiable with same accuracy Prowirl D200 C Generation Application Volumetric measurement in condensate water, non-conductive liquids etc ... Benefits Wafer process connections for cost-effective solution +/- %0.75 accuracy for volumetric liquid measurement Long-term stability – robust drift-free High availability – proven robustness, resistance to vibrations, temperature shocks & water hammer No flanges, low weight Prowirl F200 Application Preferred measuring principle for wet/saturated/superheated steam, gases & liquids (also cryogenic). It is suitable for a wide range of applications; optimized for steam applications. Benefits Integrated temperature measuring for mass/ energy flow of saturated steam Highest process safety – dual sense version enables redundant measurement

Prowirl F200 C Generation
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 ANSI B 16.5
Connection: Flange ANSI B 16.5
4-20mA HART, pulse/freq./switch output
Integrated Temperature Sensor
Compact Sensor Aluminum Housing
Electrical Connection: NPT 1/2"
Prowirl F200, 7F2C25, 1" 90531-2228 
Prowirl F200, 7F2C40, 1 1/2"90531-2229
Prowirl F200, 7F2C50, 2"90531-2230
Prowirl F200, 7F2C80, 3"90531-2231
Prowirl F200, 7F2C1H, 4"90531-2232
Prowirl F200, 7F2C1F, 6"90531-2233
Connection: PN40 flange EN1092-1-B1
4-20mA HART, pulse/freq./switch output
Touch Button Display
Integrated Temperature Sensor
Electrical Connection: Gland M20
Prowirl F200, 7F2C25, DN25 90531-2234 
Prowirl F200, 7F2C40, DN4090531-2235
Prowirl F200, 7F2C50, DN5090531-2236
Prowirl F200, 7F2C80, DN8090531-2237
Prowirl F200, 7F2C1H, DN10090531-2238
Prowirl F200, 7F2C1F, DN15090531-2239

Prowirl D200 C Generation
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Connection: flange EN1092-1-B1
4-20mA HART, pulse/freq./switch output
Without Display
Without temperature Sensor
Compact Sensor Aluminum Housing
Electrical connection: Gland M20
Prowirl D200, 7D2C25, DN25 90531-2240 
Prowirl D200, 7D2C40, DN4090531-2241
Prowirl D200, 7D2C50, DN5090531-2242
Prowirl D200, 7D2C80, DN8090531-2243
 Mounting set
Nuts, bolts and gaskets for Prowirl D200 C Generation
Prowirl D, mounting set DN25 90531-2244 
Prowirl D, mounting set DN4090531-2245
Prowirl D, mounting set DN5090531-2246
Prowirl D, mounting set DN8090531-2247

Prowirl F200
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
Prowirl F200 DN50 Fl.EN1092-1-B1 90531-0107 
Prowirl F200 DN80 Fl.EN1092-1-B190531-0108
Prowirl F200 DN100 Fl.EN1092-1-B190531-2580


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