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Flow switch SI4100 - IO link Application IO-Link flow switch for hygienic applications, water, water - glycol solutions or air. Features 0.04...6 m/s flow rate FDA approved, EC 1935/2004-Approval -20...100 °C working temperature Benefits Measurement of flow and temperature at the same time Optimised for water, oils and air Red/green display for clear identification of the acceptable range With switching output, analogue signal and IO-Link The process connection can be rotated for optimum alignment

Flow switch SI6600/SI6700/SI6800 Application Flow switch in different lengths for utility applications, (no IO-Link).

Flow switch SI4100 IO link
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 SI4100, IO Link
Material: Stainless steel
Probe diameter: 8 mm
Probe length: 100 mm
Electrical connection: 1 x M12
FDA approved, EC 1935/2004-Approval
SA4100 L=100 mm IP67 70000148495 

Connector for SA4100 for food contact applications
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8 mm sensor connection with compressing fitting and clamping ring in Peek for sensor.

G 1/2" thread for clamp adapter 90521-4879
E43020 G1/2 fitting for clamp adapter 70000148475 
 Adapter to clamp
G 1/2" -> 1" & 1 1/2" Clamp (DN 25/40)
To be used with G 1/2" connector 70000148475
E43311 Clamp adapter 90521-4879 

Connector for SA4100 for utility applications
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8 mm sensor connection with compressing fitting

13,7 mm welding connection for non-food contact applications
E40265 Welding adapter 70000157957 

Flow switch SI6600/SI6700/SI6800
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19-36V DC PNP NO M12 IP67
Material: Stainless steel
Connection: G1" thread
SI6600 L=20mm, IP67 90512-2710 
SI6700 L=38mm, IP6790512-2711
SI6800 L=55mm, IP6790512-2712

Connectors and adapters for SI6600/SI64700/SI6800
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 For SI6600/SI64700/SI6800
Please see "Flow/Accessories"


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