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Novego PR6261 Application Novego PR6261 is side-force-resistance all-in-one solution weighing module for hygienic applications. The weighing module is specially designed for high hygiene demand applications by ensuring simple, error-free installation and maximum resistance to lateral forces. Benefits Reliably absorbs lateral forces. The six strain gauges ensure maximum measurement accuracy and prevent incorrect quantities, even when using mixers. The high product quality and corrosion resistance, reduce set-up costs and machine downtime. Innovative strain gauges for high measurement accuracy (C3 in accordance with OIML R60) Capacity Range: 125 kg – 2 t Protection classes IP68 and IP69

PR6202 Application PR6201 is a hygienic compression load cell, which features absolute accuracy in tank and hopper weighing. It is made from stainless steel in a hygienic design, which makes it the first choice for food plants. Benefits Hygienic and extremly robust, reliable and accurate. Unique strain guauge technologie allows extended temperature range (-30 to + 95°C). Pre-calibrated output signal. Capacity Range: 500kg - 25t. Accuracy: C1. Ingress Protection: IP68, eqiuvalent to NEMA 6. PR6251 Application PR6251 PanCake level cell is the ideal solution for all level control requirements using level-by-weight measurements of liquids and solids. It is made from stainless steel. Benefits Only 25/35 mm installation height. Also available with 4-20 mA output signal (LA). Capacity Range: 500kg - 16t. Accuracy: L. Hermetically welded seal, IP68 equivalent to NEMA 6. CENELEC Ex-version available (LE).

PR6211/6212 Application PR6212 is a compact compression load cell, which features absolute accuracy in tank and hopper weighing. Benefits Extremly robust, reliable and accurate Compact design ensuring a low system height Capacity Range: 100kg - 5t Accuracy: D1 Corrosion resistant

Novego PR6261
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Novego PR6261
0.125-2 tonnes
PR6261 nominal capacity 125kg 90529-7368 
PR6261 nominal capacity 250kg90529-0843
PR6261 nominal capacity 500kg90529-0844
PR6261 nominal capacity 1t90526-8657
PR6261 nominal capacity 2t90529-7369

 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Hygienic load cell
1-10 tonnes
PR6202 nominal capacity 1t 90503-9915 
PR6202 nominal capacity 2t90503-9916
PR6202 nominal capacity 4t90503-9917
PR6202 nominal capacity 6t90503-9918
PR6202 nominal capacity 10t90503-9919
 Hygienic load cell
25 tonnes
PR6202 nominal capacity 25t 90503-9920 

 DescriptionDenominationDEHRPart NoAdd to cart
 Pancake load cell
0,5-16 tonnes
PR6251/52L nominal capacity 0.5t 1857.5252590503-9921 
PR6251/13L nominal capacity 1t1857.5252590503-9922
PR6251/23L nominal capacity 2t1857.5253590503-9923
PR6251/33L nominal capacity 3t1857.5255090503-9924
PR6251/53L nominal capacity 5t1857.5255090503-9925
PR6251/14L nominal capacity 10t21.757.5357090503-9926
PR6251/24L nominal capacity 16t23673510090503-9927
 Pancake load cell
0,5-16 tonnes analogue output signal
PR6251/52LA nominal capacity 0.5t 1857.5252590503-9928 
PR6251/13LA nominal capacity 1t1857.5252590503-9929
PR6251/23LA nominal capacity 2t1857.5253590503-9930
PR6251/33LA nominal capacity 3t1857.5255090503-9931
PR6251/53LA nominal capacity 5t1857.5255090503-9932
PR6251/14LA nominal capacity 10t21.757.5357090507-3944
PR6251/24LA nominal capacity 16t23673510090503-9933

PR6211 and PR6212
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Compact loadcell
0.1-5 tonnes
PR6211/12 D1 nominal capacity 100kg 90521-4658 
PR6211/22 D1 nominal capacity 200kg90521-4659
PR6211/32 D1 nominal capacity 300kg90524-4660
PR6212/52 D1 nominal capacity 500kg90524-4560
PR6212/13 D1 nominal capacity 1t90524-4557
PR6212/23 D1 nominal capacity 2t90524-4558
PR6212/33 D1 nominal capacity 3t90524-4559
PR6212/53 D1 nominal capacity 5t90524-4561


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