L-Rix 5100 Application L-Rix 5100 is an optical hygienic inline refractometer for the determination of the refractive index (RI) in liquids. It can be immersed directly in the production liquid. It continuously displays °Brix and concentration value. Benefits High accuracy ± 0,1% mass, °Brix Hygienic design and CIP/SIP capable The robust stainless steel construction.Benefit from “install and forget” simplicity and years of continuous operation Automatic temperature compensation; Integrated Pt100 Class A Sapphire sensor material with extreme robustness No special training is required to set up and operate the instrument Product Selection Mode you can define up to 32 different products, each using any of the available applications

L-Rix 5100
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 L-Rix 5100
Varivent N connection
0...100 °Brix
0...100 %mass
accuracy %0.1
Cable gland M16x1.5
24V DC IP67 Nema4X
Max 105°C during measurement
CIP 145°C (30 min)
Profinet w/o display 14216090532-3756 
Profinet with display14216090532-3757
Profinet with display and product selection14216090532-3758
Etherne IP w/o display14216090532-3759
Etherne IP with display14216090532-3760
Etherne IP with display and product selection14216090532-3761
Analog output with display 14216090532-3762
Analog output with display and product selection14216090532-3763
Deflector, Varinline DN40 --90532-3766 
Deflector, Varinline DN50--90532-3767
Deflector, Varinline DN65--90532-3768
Deflector, Varinline DN80--90532-3769
Deflector, Varinline DN100--90532-3770


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