Led Module
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 Front plate mounting
LED 24V AC/DC red 3SU1401_1BB20_1AA0_90525-8607 
LED 24V AC/DC yellow3SU1401-1BB30-1AA090525-8608
LED 24V AC/DC green3SU1401-1BB40-1AA090525-8609
LED 24V AC/DC green3SU1401-1BB40-3AA090525-8610
LED 24V AC/DC blue3SU1401-1BB50-1AA090525-8611
LED 24V AC/DC white3SU1401-1BB60-1AA090525-8612
LED 230V AC green3SU1401-1BF40-1AA090525-8613
 Base mounting
LED 24V AC/DC green 3SU1401-2BB40-1AA090525-8614 

Contact Module Screw
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 Front plate mounting
1 NCScrew terminal 3SU1400_1AA10_1CA0_90525-8601 
1 NO+1NCScrew terminal3SU1400-1AA10-1FA090525-8604
1 NOScrew terminal3SU1400-1AA10-1BA090525-8600
2 NCScrew terminal3SU1400-1AA10-1EA090525-8603
2 NOScrew terminal3SU1400-1AA10-1DA090525-8602
 Base mounting
1 NCScrew terminal base mounting 3SU1400-2AA10-1CA090525-8528 
1 NOScrew terminal base mounting3SU1400-2AA10-1BA090525-8527

Contact Module Spring
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 Front plate mounting
1 NC spring terminal 3SU1400_1AA10_3CA0_90525-8606 
1 NO spring terminal3SU1400-1AA10-3BA090525-8605

Holders for lamps and buttons
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For 3 modules metal 3SU1550_0AA10_0AA0_90525-8616 
For 3 modules plastic 3SU1500-0AA10-0AA090525-8615 

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22 mm Enclosure 3SU1801_0AA00_0AA2_90525-8617 
22 mm Enclosure 3SU1801-0NA00-2AC290525-8620 
22 mm Enclosure 3SU1801-0AB00-2AB190525-8619 
22 mm Enclosure 3SU1802-0AB00-2AB190525-8622 
22 mm Enclosure 3SU1801-0AA00-0AB190525-8618 
22 mm Enclosure 3SU1802-0AA00-0AB190525-8621 
22 mm Enclosure 3SU1803-0AA00-0AB190525-8623 
 Sealing plug
"Blind" for enclosure
22 mm For spare round com points plastic 3SU1900_0FA10_0AA090525-8633 

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 Acoustic signal device
22 mm Round compact plastic black 3SU1200_6KB10_1AA090525-8599 

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22 mm Round compact plastic black 1K ohm 3SU1200_2PQ10_1AA090525-8598 

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 Labeling plate I
22x22mm black, symbol I 3SU1900_0AF16_0QB0_90525-8624 
 Labeling plate II
22x22mm black, symbol II 3SU1900-0AF16-0QC090525-8625 
For ronis key-operated switch lock no. SB30
Key 3SU1950-0FB80-0AA090525-8634 
 Backing plate
Plate for EM. Stop yellow 3SU1900-0BC31-0AA090525-8630 
 Backing plate, text
Plate for EM. Stop yellow 3SU1900-0BC31-0DA090525-8631 
 Protective collar
For emergency stop mushroom pushbutton
Protective cover 3SU1900-0DY30-0AA090525-8632 
 Label holder, square
For 12.5 x 27 mm label
22 mm label frame 3SU1900-0AN10-0AA090525-8627 
 Label holder
For 17.5 x 27 mm label
22 mm label frame, for gluing 3SU1900-0AH10-0AA090525-8626 
22 mm label frame, snap-on3SU1900-0AS10-0AA090525-8628


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