Options & accessories

First select required frequency converter, then select options below to increase the functionality of the frequency converter, the options and accessories can also be purchased as spare parts.
Fieldbus boards enable communication with Ethernet IP, Profibus-DP or DeviceNet
External power supply maintains power to the control section of a frequency converter
Graphical operator panels are used to parametrise and inspect a frequency converter

FC 280 option - LCP Local Operator Panel for IP20 frames
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Control Panel VLT, LCP 21 90523-7911 

FC 280 options - Accessories & spare parts
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Blind cover LCP, IP20/21 90523-7912 
Adaptor Graphical LCP90523-7913
IP21 / Type 1 conversion kit, K190524-0675
IP21 / Type 1 conversion kit, K290524-0676
IP21 / Type 1 conversion kit, K390524-0677
IP21 / Type 1 conversion kit, K490524-0678
IP21 / Type 1 conversion kit, K590524-0679
Adapter Plate VLT2800 size A90523-7925
Adapter Plate VLT2800 size B90523-7926
Adapter Plate VLT2800 size C90523-7927
Adapter Plate VLT2800 size D90523-7928
MCB 106 Supply VLT 24 V DC90523-7929

FC 302 Option - Brake resistor for frequency converters
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 Brake resistor 40%
For FC 302

Select resistor for same size
as the frequency
MCE101, P1K1, 410 Ohm, 0,45kW, IP65 90525-4995 
MCE101, P1K5, 270 Ohm, 0,57kW, IP6590525-4996
MCE101, P2K2, 200 Ohm, 0,96kW, IP6590525-4997
MCE101, P3K0, 145 Ohm, 1,13kW, IP6590525-4998
MCE101, P4K0, 110 Ohm, 1,7kW, IP6590525-4999
MCE101, P5K5, 80 Ohm, 2,2kW, IP6590525-5000
MCE101, P7K5, 56 Ohm, 3,2kW, IP6590524-6522
MCE101, P11K, 38 Ohm, 5kW, IP2090524-6523
MCE101, P15K, 28 Ohm, 6kW, IP2090524-6524
MCE101, P18K, 22 Ohm, 8kW, IP2090524-6421
MCE101, P22K, 19 Ohm, 10kW, IP2090524-6525
MCE101, P30K, 14 Ohm, 14kW, IP2090525-5001
MCE101, P37K, 12 Ohm, 17kW, IP2090525-5002
MCE101, P45K, 9,5 Ohm, 21kW, IP2090525-5003
MCE101, P55K, 5,5 Ohm, 26kW, IP2090525-5004
MCE101, P75K, 5,5 Ohm, 36kW, IP2090525-5005

Option - IP21 kit for IP20 frequency converters
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 IP21 kit
Kit to upgrade FC202, FC301 and FC302 from IP20 to IP21.
Select kit for same size as the frequency converter
MCF 101, IP21 for size A2 90503-5545 
MCF 101, IP21 for size A390503-5546
MCF 101, IP21 for size B390510-5679
MCF 101, IP21 for size B490510-5680
MCF 101, IP21 for size C390510-5681
MCF 101, IP21 for size C490510-5682

Option - Fieldbus
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Fieldbus modules for FC202, FC301 and FC302
MCA 120 ProfiNet module 90516-9830 
MCA 120 ProfiNet module, coated90516-9831
MCA 121 Ethernet IP module90513-4160
MCA 121 Ethernet IP module, coated90513-4161
MCA 101 Profibus DP module90503-5540
MCA 101 Profibus-DP module, coated90510-9257
MCA 104 DeviceNet module90503-5541
MCA 104 DeviceNet module, coated90510-9256

Option - LCP Graphical Local Operator Panel for IP20, IP55 frames
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LCP graphical panel for IP20/IP55 frames 90503-5543 

Accessories & spare parts
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MCA 114 Interface VLT5000/FC300 Converter 90511-7921 
MCA 194 Interface VLT5000/FC300 Converter90522-1231
MCB 105 Relay option90518-8981
MCB 108 I/O moduke Safe PLC for VLT90521-6840
MCB 112 Thermistor card ATEX PTC coated90511-7998
MCB 114 PT100 Sensor Input Card, coated90530-1540
MCB 152 PROFIsafe module90521-8352
MCB 141 External safety module90516-0699
MCB 150 Internal safety module, TTL90516-0700
MCB 151 Internal safety module, HTL90516-0701
MCB 170 Power supply 24 V DC module90503-5542
MCF 102 LCP mounting kit w. 3m cable90503-5544
MCF 104 Profibus kit D-Sub 990510-5677
LCP Graphical Operator Panel for IP66 frames90513-1910
 Chassi accessories
MCF 101 IP21 Top roof Size A2 90503-5547 
MCF 101 IP21 Top roof Size A390503-5548
MCF IP21 Top roof B390510-5683
MCF IP21 Top roof B490510-5684
MCF IP21 Top roof C390510-5685
MCF IP21 Top roof C490510-5686
Fieldbus option plate, A5 frames90513-1909
Adaptor plate for size D1H, D3H90515-9850
Adaptor plate for size D2H, D4H90515-9851
 FC 300 spare parts
Fan, assy 172x150x51 mm IP66 22W 70000145917 
Fan for FC 300 70x70x25mm90515-8753
Fan For FC 300 80x80x25mm90524-5199
Fan for FC 300 92x92x38mm90515-8755
Fan for FC 300 127x127x38mm IP6690515-8756
Fan for FC 300 140x140x51mm IP6690515-8757
Fan for FC 300120x120x38mm coated B390515-8758
Fan for FC 300 172x150x51mm IP66 C290515-8761
for FC 300
MCT 10 PC configuration program 90503-5551 

PF 525 Options - Accessories & Spare parts
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 EMC Filter
25-RF014-AL A351511-0011 
 EMC Filter
25-RF7P5-AL A90605-9528 
Grounding Plate
25-EMC1-FA A351511-031 
 Communication Interface
25-COMM-E2P EtherNet IP 2P -90605-9531 
25-COMM-D DeviceNet-351511-0001
25-COMM-P Profibus-351511-0003

PF 753 Options - Accessories & Spare parts
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 EMC option kit
20-750-EMC1-F1 190522-7904 
 EMC Filter
FN3258-30-47 290522-7899 
 Display LCP
Human machine
20-HIM-A6 Enhanced -5985790-9020 
20-HIM-C6S Remote Enhanced-90502-9219
 Safety options
20-750-S Safe Torque Off Module -90512-7412 
20-750-S1 Safe Speed Monitor Module-90522-7913
 Communication Interface
Option card
20-750-ENETR -90515-9943 
 Auxiliary Power Supply
20-750-APS -90522-7893 


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