Graphic recorders Application Paperless recorder is characterized by an intuitive, icon-based operation and visualization concept that makes it easy to operate. Multiple versions are available for process data recording. The high level of scalability allows for flexible adaptation to various customer requirements Graphic recorders type Logoscreen 700 Features Data recording compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Manipulation detection with digital certificate - optional NEMA4X compliant Intuitive touch operation with zinc die-cast front-line panel Up to 18 analogue input and 3 analogue output. Up to 18 digital input Modbus TCP as the standard option and compatible with Rockwell platform Integrated web server for online visualization as on device. Automatic data readout via PCA Communication Software PCC, PC programs for data evaluation and access control Standard Interface: 1x Ethernet 10/100 MBit/s 1x USB host (flash drive) 1x USB device (setup)

Graphic recorders type Logoscreen 700
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15 Analog input
6 Digital input
1 Analog output
20-30V AC/DC
Recorder 700, 15+6+1, 20-30V AC/DC 144144120.970000154478 
9 Analog input
6 Digital input
1 Analog output
20-30V AC/DC
Recorder 700, 9+6+1, 20-30V AC/DC 144144120.970000151224 
12 Analog input
8 Digital input
8 Digital inputs/outputs (individually switchable) 20-30V AC/DC
Recorder 700, 12+8+8, 20-30V AC/DC 144144120.970000152515 
15 Analog input
4 Digital input
4 Digital inputs/outputs (individually switchable)
110-240V AC
Recorder 700, 15+4+4, 110-240V AC 144144120.970000152514 
12 Analog input
12 Digital input
2 Analog output
20-30V AC/DC
Recorder 700, 12+12 20-30V AC/DC 144144120.970000163192 
 Relay output
110-240V AC
Recorder 700, relay output, 110-240V AC 144144120.970000150464 

Graphic recorders type Ecograph
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 Ecograph T RSG35
Universal inputs
8 inputs Analogue 14414419590520-0591 
8 inputs Modbus TCP Slave14414419590520-0592
8 inputs Modbus RTU/TCP Slave+RS232/48514414419590520-0593
12 inputs Analogue14414419590520-0590
12 inputs Modbus TCP Slave14414419590520-0594
12 inputs Modbus RTU/TCP Slave+RS232/48514414419590520-0589

Chart recorders
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 Type C1900
Circular chart recorder
C1900 1-pen, 115/230VAC 382386.8320.8320.8101.16-31801 9704 1 
C1900 1-pen+EVP, 115/230VAC382386.8320.8320.8101.16-31801 9704 2
C1900 2-pen, 115/230VAC382386.8320.8320.8101.16-31801 9704 3
C1900 2-pen+EVP, 115/230VAC382386.8320.8320.8101.16-31801 9704 4
C1900 3-pen, 115/230VAC382386.8320.8320.8101.16-31801 9704 5
C1900 3-pen+EVP, 115/230VAC382386.8320.8320.8101.16-31801 9704 6
C1900 4-pen, 115/230VAC382386.8320.8320.8101.16-31801 9704 7
 Type C1900
Circular chart recorder with controllers
C1900 2-pen, 2 controllers 115/230VAC 382386.8320.8320.8101.190503-2902 
 Type C1900
Circular chart recorder with FDA-module
C1900 2-pens+EVP, FDA module, 115/230VAC 382386.8320.8320.8101.16-990407 40 


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