Key and rotary switches

Selector switches
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 Handle operated
Short 2-pos, 0<I, green 3SU1052_2BC40_0AA0_90525-8571 
Short 2-pos, 0-I, green3SU1052-2BF40-0AA090525-8572
Short 2-pos, 0-I, white3SU1052-2BF60-0AA090525-8573
Short 3-pos, I-0-II, green3SU1052-2BL40-0AA090525-8574
Short 3-pos, I-0-II, white3SU1052-2BL60-0AA090525-8575
Short 3-pos, I>0-<I, white3SU1052-2BM60-0AA090525-8576
Short 3-pos, I-0<II, white3SU1052-2BN60-0AA090525-8577
Short 3-pos, I>0-II, white3SU1052-2BP60-0AA090525-8578
 With holder
Short 2-pos,0-I Latching 3SU1150-2BF60-1BA090525-8585 
Short 3-pos,I-0I-I Latching3SU1150-2BL60-1NA090525-8586
 Key operated
RONIS key-op 2 pos O<I 3SU1050-4BC01-0AA090525-8549 
RONIS key-op 2 pos O-I3SU1050-4BF11-0AA090525-8550
RONIS key-op 3 pos I>O<II3SU1050-4BM01-0AA090525-8553
RONIS key-op 3 pos I-O<II3SU1050-4BN51-0AA090525-8554
RONIS key-op 3 pos I-O-II3SU1050-4BL01-0AA090525-8551
RONIS key-op 3 pos I-O-II3SU1050-4BL11-0AA090525-8552


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