Communication accessories
Communication accessories for Ethernet and fieldbus networks.
Industrial design and highest reliability

AS-interface - programming
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Programming unit IFM for I/O modules 90513-5346 

AS-interface - passive equipment
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 Splitter box
AS-I Splitter Box, AC5200 90609-8004 
 FC splitter flat cable
FC splitter ASi flat cable to M12 adapt. 90510-0376 
 Passive bus
Passive bus termination ASi 90510-0312 
 Processline passive splitter
Passive splitter box ASi ProcessLine 90510-0313 

AS-interface - power supplies
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 24V DC, 5A
Power supply 115/230VAC 24VDC 5A 90519-5121 
 24V DC, 10A
Power supply 115/230VAC 24VDC 10A 90522-9314 
 1 x 8A
Power supply IFM AS-i 1 x 8A, 115/230V AC 90518-8033 
 1 x 4A
Power supply IFM AS-i 1 x 4A, 115/230V AC 90519-0502 
 2 x 4A
Power supply IFM AS-i 2 x 4A, 115/230V AC 90506-0036 
 Data Decoupler
AS-i Data Decoupler for AC14XX 90520-6581 

AS-interface - other
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 Mounting module
Module for mounting on DIN rail 453380NANA90510-0066 
Module for mounting on DIN rail452080NANA90511-2947

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4-7.5mm SpliceNA90510-1351 
Fast Connection Connectors for ProfibusDSUBMale90512-7575
Fast Connection Connectors with PG-D-SUBDSUBMale90512-7574
M12 SACC-FS-4QO-0,34-M SCOM12Female90510-2798
M12 SACC-FS-4QO-0,75-M SCOM12Female90510-2799
M12 SACC-MS-4QO-0,34-M SCOM12Male90510-2796
M12 SACC-MS-4QO-0,75-M SCOM12Male90510-2797
RS-232 zero modem connectorDSUBFemale90510-5347

Patch code
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 Patch code
For marking of Ethernet patch cables
FL PATCH CCODE BK Black90510-2788 
FL PATCH CCODE BNBrown90510-2790
FL PATCH CCODE BUBlue90510-2789
FL PATCH CCODE GNGreen90510-2793
FL PATCH CCODE GYGrey90510-2792
FL PATCH CCODE RDRed90510-2794
FL PATCH CCODE VTViolet90510-2795
FL PATCH CCODE YEYellow90510-2791

Patch panel
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 Patch panel
1 RJ45 1 RJ4590605-2264 
FL-PP-RJ45/RJ451 RJ4590605-9670
VS-08-BU/BU-RJ45-F1 RJ4590515-7784
VS-08-BU-RJ45-5-F/PK1 RJ4590515-7785
VS-PP-19-1HE-16-F16 RJ4590515-7787
VS-PP-F-RJ45-CAT61 RJ4590515-7788

SMCS accessories
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for managed switch SMCS
Fibre port SMCS, multi mode up to 550m 90510-5345 
Fibre Port SMCS, single mode up to 25km90510-5346
Plug-in parameterization memory90510-5344

Accessories switches
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 Mounting bracket
FL RA SF8 90459-6884 

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Quad band antenna for GSM-modem 90512-2707 
Surge protection CAT.6 for Ethernet90600-7486


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