Processors S7
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For basic SP applications
S7-1500 CPU-1510SP-1 PN 90533-0751 
S7-1500F CPU-1510SP F-1 PN90533-0752
S7-1500 CPU-1512SP-1 PN90533-0753
S7-1500F CPU-1512SP F-1 PN90533-0754
S7-1500 CPU-1514SP-2 PN90533-0755
S7-1500F CPU-1514SP F-2 PN90533-0756
 Mid range S7
For mid applications
S7-1500 CPU-1511-1 PN 90533-0757 
S7-1500F CPU-1511F-1 PN90533-0758
S7-1500 CPU-1513-1 PN90533-0759
S7-1500F CPU-1513F-1 PN90527-7010
S7-1500 CPU-1515-2 PN90533-0760
S7-1500F CPU-1515F-2 PN90533-0761
 High range S7
For large applications

S7-1500 CPU-1516-3 PN/DP 90533-0762 
S7-1500F CPU-1516F-3 PN/DP90533-0763
S7-1500 CPU-1517-3 PN/DP90521-8081
S7-1500F CPU-1517F-3 PN/DP90524-4566
S7-1500 CPU-1518-4 PN/DP90526-2089
S7-1500F CPU-1518F-4 PN/DP90524-6009

Processors 5069 & 1756
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 ControlLogix 5580
Controller for mid and large applications
1756-L82E 5MB 351491-0002 
1756-L83E 10MB351491-0003
1756-L84E 20MB351491-0004
1756-L85E 40MB351491-0005
 Communication interface
1756-EN2T 90600-4034 
 ControlLogix 5570
Controller for mid and large applications
1756-L72 4MB 90605-2744 
1756-L73 8MB90605-2745
1756-L74 16MB90605-2746
1756-L75 32MB90605-2747
 Power supply
1756-PB72 6-99050863 
 CompactlLogix 5380
Controller for mid applications
5069-L3100ERM 10MB Motion Axis 32 351601-0009 
5069-L320ER 2MB Motion Axis 0351601-0001
5069-L320ERM 2MB Motion Axis 8351601-0002
5069-L330ER 3MB Motion Axis 0351601-0003
5069-L330ERM 3MB Motion Axis 16351601-0004
5069-L340ER 4MB Motion Axis 0351601-0005
5069-L340ERM 4MB Motion Axis 20351601-0006
5069-L350ERM 5MB Motion Axis 24351601-0007
5069-L380ERM 8MB Motion Axis 28351601-0008
 ControlLogix 1756

1756-A10 90459-2458 


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