Sensor cables

Sensor cables are used to connect process devices with M12-connectors. The demands on sensor cables in process lines are very high, which means that high quality cables should always be used.
Demands on sensor cables in process lines:
Lockable connectors to avoid losening cables.
Stainless steel connectors to avoid corrosion.
PUR cables can not cope with the harsh environment.

Sensor cables
 DescriptionDenominationLength, mPart NoAdd to cart
 Sensor cable
One M12, 8-pin connector, male angled
15m, 1xM12, 8-pin male angled 1590518-7758 
 Sensor cables
One M12, 4-pin connector, male
2m, 1xM12 male straight 290510-4968 
5m, 1xM12 male straight590510-4967
 Sensor cables
One M12, 4-pin connector, female
5m, 1xM12 angled 590510-5711 
10m, 1xM12 angled1090510-5712
25m, 1xM12 angled2590511-2966
40m, 1xM12 angled4090511-3482
60m, 1xM12 angled6090511-3483
 Sensor cables
One M12, 4-pin connector with LED, female
10m, 1xM12 angled, LED 1090510-5713 
25m, 1xM12 angled, LED2590511-2967
50m, 1xM12 angled, LED5090511-3484
 Jumper cables
Two M12, 4-pin connectors, male and female
1m, 2xM12 straight/straight 190510-5714 
2m, 2xM12 straight/straight290510-5715
5m, 2xM12 straight/straight590510-5716
10m, 2xM12 straight/straigh1090510-5717
1m, 2xM12 angled/straight190510-5718
2m, 2xM12 angled/straight290510-5719
5m, 2xM12 angled/straight590510-5720
10m, 2xM12 angled/straight1090510-5721

Sensor cables - ATEX
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Sensor cables - ATEX
Socket AC/DC
For ATEX, Group II, category 3G/3D
10m, 1xM12, angled 90513-1818 
2m, 1xM12, angled90519-5154
5m, 1xM12, angled90519-5155
25m, 1xM12, angled90519-5156
40m, 1xM12, angled90519-5157
 Sensor cables - ATEX
Socket DC
For ATEX, Group II, category 1G/1D
5m, 1xM12, straight 90513-1821 
2m, 1xM12, angled90519-5151
5m, 1xM12, angled90519-5152
10m, 1xM12, angled90519-5153


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