The range includes acessories for recorders.

Recorder accessories
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
for C1900 recorders
Cartridge pens 3 pcs black 6-990419 64 
Cartridge pens 3 pcs blue6-990419 65
Cartridge pens 3 pcs red6-990419 66
Cartridge pens 3 pcs green6-990419 67
Cartridge pens 3 pcs violet6-990419 68
Graph paper circular 0-150C 12h90503-1463
Graph paper circular 110-160C 12h90503-1492
for SR100 recorders
Fanfold cassette for SR100A 90503-5552 
Chart paper 100mm 50 div 25m roll90503-5556
Chart paper 100mm 50 div 12m fanfold90503-5557
Printer head 3 colours90503-5558
Printer head 6 colours90503-5559
Printer head 3 colours high temp.90503-5560
Printer head 6 colours high temp.90503-5561


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