I/O modules

Remote I/O-equipment
Remote I/O modules are used in distributed control system for supervising control modules, such as process valves, pumps and instrumentation. Principally, five types of I/O-modules are used:
Digital input modules read on/off status from switches.
Digital output modules actuate control modules on/off.
Analogue input modules read continues values from transmitters.
Analogue output modules actuate continous control modules.
Combination modules of above, combo m.
Industrial design and highest reliability.
High protection degrees are available.
Tested and verified I/O-equipment.

AS-interface - IP20 modules
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For cabinet mounting
Digital I/O, AS-i IP20 90459-4294 
SmartLine I/O, 4 DI, supply90506-0055
SmartLine I/O, 4DI, 2 relay90506-0062
SmartLine I/O, 4DI, 2 relay ext. Supply90506-0061
SmartLine I/O, 4DI, 4DO90506-0063
SmartLine I/O, 4DO, IP2090506-0059
SmartLine I/O, 4xDI, ext supply90506-0056
SmartLine I/O, 4DI, 3DO A/B90519-5124
SmartLine I/O, 4DI, 4DO, A/B V3.090522-6741
SmartLine I/O, 4DI, 4DO, ext supply A/B V3.090520-9797
For cabinet mounting
SmartLine I/O, 4AI, 4-20mA 70000147859 
SmartLine I/O, 4AO, 0-20mA70000147885

AS-interface - IP67 modules
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Field mounting
New ClassicLine I/O, 2DI 1AI 1AO 90511-2952 
New ClassicLine I/O, 2DI 2DO90511-2949
New ClassicLine I/O, 2DI 2PO A/B90511-1315
New ClassicLine I/O, 4AI 4-20mA70000147914
New ClassicLine I/O, 4DI90511-2950
New ClassicLine I/O, 4DO90519-5128
Field mounting
New ClassicLine I/O, 4DI / 4DO A/B V3.0 90523-7236 

AS-interface - IP69K
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Hygienic field mounting
ProcessLine I/O, 4AI 90512-2709 
ProcessLine I/O, 4DI 2DO90510-0311
ProcessLine I/O, 8DI90510-0310

 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Analogue input module
ET200SP 4RTD/TC HF 90519-5274 
ET200SP AQ 2XU/I HF90521-4830
SIMATIC ET200SP 2AI90520-9411
 Base unit
ET200SP B0 BU20-P12+A4+0B 90521-3162 
ET200SP, A0, BU15-P16+A10+2B90519-5262
ET200SP, A0, BU15-P16+A10+2D90519-5263
ET200SP, A1, BU15-P16+A0+12B/T90519-5264
ET200SP, BU20-P8+A4+0B90521-2335
ET200SP, C0, BU15-P16+A0+2B90520-8576
ET200SP, C0, BU15-P16+A0+2D90520-8580
ET200SP, C0, BU20-P6+A2+4D90519-5265
ET200SPA0 BU20-P6+A2+4B90521-4841
 Failsafe com module
ET200SP F-CM AS-I 90521-4839 
 Failsafe power module
ET200SP 24VDC 90519-5278 
 Failsafe module
Digital output, ET200SP 1 24V Relay 335101-2361 
ET200SP 4FDO 24VDC 2A90519-5277
ET200SP 8FDI 24VDC90519-5276
 Input module
ET200SP 16DI 24VDC 90525-9050 
ET200SP 4XAI90527-0013
ET200SP 8DI 24VDC90526-1169
ET200SP AI 4XI 2 HART HF90521-4834
ET200SP AI 8XRTD/TC HF90521-4842
 Interface module
ET200SP CM AS-I MASTER 90521-4835 
ET200SP PN IM155-6PN90526-8399
ET200SP ProfiNET IM155-6PN, max. 32 I/O modules90525-9210
ET200SP ProfiNET IM155-6PN, max. 64 I/O modules70000135055
 Output module
ET200SP 4AO/I 90519-5275 
ET200SP 4DO 24VDC 2A90519-5269
ET200SP 4RO 230VAC 5A90521-3160
ET200SP 8DO 24VDC 0,5A90526-1170
ET200SP 8DO 24VDC 0,5A HF90519-5271
ET200SP AQ 4XU/I90521-4844
ET200SP DQ 16x24VDC/0.5A ST90526-3019
 Counter module
ET200SP TM 1-ch, 3DI, 2DQ 90530-8391 

POINT I/O 1734-
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Input module
1734-IB4 90605-0584 
 Analogue output module
1734-OE2C 90459-2511 
 Output module
1734-OB4C 90459-7265 
 Analogue input module
1734-IE2C 90459-2509 
 Communication interface
1734-AENT Series C 90610-0490 
 Basic unit
1734-TB 90459-2526 
 Power module
1734-EP24DC 90459-2500 

Compact I/O 5069-
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Analogue output module
5069-OF4 4 Channel Voltage/Current 351492-0041 
5069-OF8 8 Channel Voltage/Current351492-0042
 Counter module
5069-HSC2XOB4 351492-0051 
 Power terminal block
5069-RTB64-SCREW for 4 and 6 pin type 351492-0901 
5069-RTB64-SPRING for 4 and 6 pin type351492-0911
 Terminal block
5069-RTB14CJC-SCREW 14pins therm. kit 351492-0903 
5069-RTB14CJC-SPRING 14pins therm. kit351492-0913
5069-RTB18-SCREW 18pins351492-0902
5069-RTB18-SPRING 18pins351492-0912
 Input module
5069-IB16 16 Channel 24VDC 351492-0011 
5069-IB16F 16 Channel Fast 24VDC351492-0012
5069-IB6F-3W 6 Channel 3 Wire Fast 24VDC351492-0013
 Output module
5069-OB16 16 Channel 24VDC 351492-0021 
5069-OB16F 16 Channel Fast 24VDC351492-0022
5069-OW4I 4 Channel NO Relay351492-0023
5069-OX4I 4 Channel NO/NC Relay351492-0024
 Analogue input module
5069-IF8 8 Channel Voltage/Current 351492-0031 
5069-IY4 4 Channel Universal351492-0032


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