Communication equipment

Ethernet switches connect, bridge or extend the network on the highest levels of control systems:
Unmanaged switches are used for simple communication tasks, for example between a PLC and an operator station.
Managed switches are necessary to create redundant networks or Ethernet-based fieldbuses, such as ProfiNet or Ethernet IP.
Fieldbus equipment connect, bridge or extend the network to the I/O-system and instrumentation:
Couplers connect different fieldbuses.
Media converters and links bridges a copper network to an optical network or vice versa.
Repeaters extend the fieldbus.
Gateways connect a fieldbus to a sensor network, AS-interface.
Modems connect a local network with a wired or a wireless telephone network.
Industrial design and highest reliability.
Tested and verified communication equipment.

Ethernet switches
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
 Unmanaged switches
24 V DC
FL SWITCH 1016N 70000160225 
FL SWITCH 1108N70000157160
Network switch, FL 2008 8-ports70000172739
Network switch, FL 5-ports70000167044
 Managed switches
24 V DC
FL SWITCH 2206-2FX, 6 RJ45 70000162552 
FL SWITCH SMCS 8GT90510-2755
 NAT switch
24 V DC
FL NAT 2008 Ethernet NAT Switch 90610-5959 
 NAT router
24 V DC
Network router, FL MGUARD 4302 70000183029 

Fieldbus equipment
 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
Gateway to fieldbus
24 V DC
Ethernet/IP/1xAS-i 3.0 90519-0496 
Ethernet/IP/2xAS-i 3.090517-8710
Profibus-DP / 1xAS-i 3.090515-9121
Profibus-DP / 2xAS-i 3.090515-7673
ProfiNet- 1 x AS-i 3.090519-0494
ProfiNet- 2 x AS-i 3.090519-0495
24 V DC
Converter Profibus-DP/Optic fibre 90503-7518 
Coupler Profibus-DP/Profibus-DP90503-2794
Coupler Profibus-DP/Profibus-PA90521-8818
Repeater Profibus-DP90503-0550
Repeater Profibus-DP90503-7519

 DescriptionDenominationPart NoAdd to cart
24 V DC
Converter RS232/Ethernet 90512-2708 
Modem analogue/RS23290510-0198
Modem GPRS-GSM/RS23290510-2751


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