Flange seals

Application Seals to flanges according to European std EN 1092-1 and American std ANSI B 16.5 that are common in non-sanitary applications including hot and cold water, steam and a wide range of general chemicals but are sometimes also used in applications with direct or in-direct food contact. Welding neck flanges are typical example of flanges used. Graphite seals Graphite is the choice for non-sanitary applications. Temperature range from -200°C to 550°C Modified PTFE The seals are produced with Modified PTFE and hollow glass micro spheres as a filler. This is the choice when the seal is in contact with food, direct or in-direct. Temperature range from -210°C to 260°C

Graphite seals for non-sanitary applications
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 Seals for DIN flanges
Material: Graphite
DN15 PN10-40 Graphite 5122290523-2052 
DN20 PN10-40 Graphite6127290523-2053
DN25 PN10-40 Graphite7134290523-2054
DN32 PN10-40 Graphite8243290523-2055
DN40 PN10-40 Graphite9249290523-2056
DN50 PN10-40 Graphite10761290523-2057
DN65 PN10-40 Graphite12777290523-2058
DN80 PN10-40 Graphite14289290523-2059
DN100 PN10-16 Graphite162115290523-2060
DN125 PN10-16 Graphite192141290523-2061
DN150 PN10-16 Graphite218169290523-2062
DN200 PN10-16 Graphite273220290530-1426
DN250 PN16 Graphite329273290530-1427
DN400 PN16 Graphite495407290530-1428
 Seals for ANSI flanges
Material: Graphite
1/2" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite 4821290523-2063 
3/4" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite5727290523-2064
1" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite6733290523-2065
1 1/4" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite7642290523-2066
1 1/2" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite8648290523-2067
2" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite10560290523-2068
2 1/2" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite12473290523-2069
3" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite13789290523-2070
4" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite175114290523-2071
5" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite197141290523-2072
6" ANSI B16.5 C150 Graphite222168290523-2073

Modified PTFE for food contact applications
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 Seals for DIN flanges
Food approved
Material: Clipperton 2110
DN15 PN10-40 PTFE 51221.590523-2074 
DN20 PN10-40 PTFE61271.590523-2075
DN25 PN10-40 PTFE71341.590523-2076
DN32 PN10-40 PTFE82431.590523-2077
DN40 PN10-40 PTFE92491.590523-2078
DN50 PN10-40 PTFE107611.590523-2079
DN65 PN10-40 PTFE127771.590523-2080
DN80 PN10-40 PTFE142891.590523-2081
DN100 PN10-16 PTFE1621151.590523-2082
DN125 PN10-16 PTFE1921411.590523-2083
DN150 PN10-16 PTFE2181691.590523-2084
 Seals for ANSI flanges
Food approved
Material: Clipperton 2110
1/2" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE 48211.590523-2085 
3/4" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE57271.590523-2086
1" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE67331.590523-2087
1 1/4" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE76421.590523-2088
1 1/2" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE86481.590523-2089
2" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE105601.590523-2090
2 1/2" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE124731.590523-2091
3" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE137891.590523-2092
4" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE1751141.590523-2093
5" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE1971411.590523-2094
6" ANSI B16.5 C150 PTFE2221681.590523-2095


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