Steam separators

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 S1 Threaded
Material: SG Iron
Connection: BSP or NPT
S1 1/2" BSP GGG-40 PN16 12422586881/2"1"2.70.53 l6-31801 5425 1 
S1 1/2" NPT12422586881/2"1"2.20.53 l90515-6389

S5 & S7
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 S5 Flanged
Material: Carbon Steel
Connection: Flanges EN 1092
S5 DN15 CS BS4504(DIN) PN40 2921622041/2"1"4.50.85 l6-31801 9821 1 
S5 DN20 CS BS4504(DIN) PN403451582121/2"1"5.01.03 l6-31801 9821 2
S5 DN25 CS BS4504(DIN) PN403871842601/2"1"9.52.60 l6-31801 9821 3
S5 DN40 CS BS4504(DIN) PN405082213101"1"27.07.90 l6-31801 9821 5
S5 DN50 CS BS4504(DIN) PN405582213101"1"29.08.70 l6-31801 9821 6
 S7 Flanged
Material: Carbon Steel
Connection: Flanges EN 1092
S7 DN65 CS BS4504(DIN) PN40 6382524203/4"1"4918 l90515-6390 
S7 DN80 CS BS4504(DIN) PN407353325233/4"2"8833 l90515-6391
S7 DN100 CS BS4504(DIN) PN407953375743/4"2"10651 l90515-6392

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 S6 Flanged
Material: Body = 316L / Flange and cover = 316L
Connection: Flanges EN 1092
S6 DN15 AISI316L BS4504(DIN) PN40 2921621"2041/2"4.50.85 l6-31801 9826 1 
S6 DN20 AISI316L BS4504(DIN) PN403451581"2121/2"5.01.03 l6-31801 9826 2
S6 DN25 AISI316L BS4504(DIN) PN403871841"2601/2"9.52.60 l6-31801 9826 3
S6 DN40 AISI316L BS4504(DIN) PN405082211"3101"27.07.90 l6-31801 9826 5
S6 DN50 AISI316L BS4504(DIN) PN405582211"3101"29.08.70 l6-31801 9826 6

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 S13 Flanged
Material body: SG iron
Connection: Flange EN 1092
S13 DN40 GGG-40 BS4504(DIN) PN16 1/2"365941490503-7756 
S13 DN50 GGG-40 BS4504(DIN) PN161/2"456982590503-7757
S13 DN65 GGG-40 BS4504(DIN) PN163/4"406982890503-9597
S13 DN80 GGG-40 BS4504(DIN) PN161"483983690503-7758
S13 DN100 GGG-40 BS4504(DIN) PN161"6921186090503-7759


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