Fittings, stainless steel

Push-in connectors, stainless steel

Application AISI 316L stainless steel push fittings for harsh process environments such as acid vapors, chemical and corrosive contained process conditions like CIP stations and designated cleaning units as well as outstanding mechanical durability. Features All metal Push-In Fittings made of acid-resistant stainless steel AISI 316L High corrosion resistance with NSF/ANSI169 approval for use in food and packaging industry. Intended for pneumatic applications with temperature up to 150⁰ C and pressure up to 20 Bar. PVDF-UHM FDA compliant collar

Push-in fittings, stainless steel
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 Straight conical male
External R-thread with external hexagon
Straight XVRC-R Push-in R1/8-4mm 316L 90531-1638 
Straight XVRC-R Push-in R1/4-4mm 316L90531-1639
Straight XVRC-R Push-in R1/8-6mm 316L90531-1640
Straight XVRC-R Push-in R1/4-6mm 316L90531-1641
Straight XVRC-R Push-in R1/8-8mm 316L90531-1642
Straight XVRC-R Push-in R1/4-8mm 316L90531-1643
 Straight parallell male
Parallell external G-thread
Straight XVRC-G Push-in M5x0.8-4mm 316L 90531-1644 
Straight XVRC-G Push-in G1/8A-4mm 316L90531-1645
Straight XVRC-G Push-in G1/4A-4mm 316L90531-1646
Straight XVRC-G Push-in M5x0.8-6mm 316L90531-1647
Straight XVRC-G Push-in G1/8A-6mm 316L90531-1648
Straight XVRC-G Push-in G1/4A-6mm 316L90531-1649
Straight XVRC-G Push-in G1/8A-8mm 316L90531-1650
Straight XVRC-G Push-in G1/4A-8mm 316L90531-1651
Straight XVRC-G Push-in G1/4A-10mm 316L90531-1652
Straight XVRC-G Push-in G3/8A-10mm 316L90531-1653
Straight XVRC-G Push-in G3/8A-12mm 316L90531-1654
Straight XVRC-G Push-in G1/2A-12mm 316L90531-1655
 Straight parallell male
External G-thread with internal hexagon head
(for Allen key)
Straight XVROC-G Push-in M5x0.8-4mm 316L 90531-1656 
Straight XVROC-G Push-in M7x1-4mm 316L90531-1657
Straight XVROC-G Push-in M7x1-6mm 316L90531-1658
Straight XVROC-G Push-in G1/8A-6mm 316L90531-1659
Straight XVROC-G Push-in G1/8A-8mm 316L90531-1660
 Straight parallell female
Internal parallell G-tread with external hexagon
Straight XVRCF-G Push-in G1/8-4mm 316L 90531-1661 
Straight XVRCF-G Push-in G1/8-6mm 316L90531-1662
Straight XVRCF-G Push-in G1/4-8mm 316L90531-1663
 Bulkhead connector
Bulkhead XVRMM Push-in 4-4mm M12 316L 90531-1664 
Bulkhead XVRMM Push-in 6-6mm M14 316L90531-1665
Bulkhead XVRMM Push-in 8-8mm M16 316L90531-1666
Bulkhead XVRMM Push-in 10-10mm M20 316L90531-1667
Bulkhead XVRMM Push-in 12-12mm M22 316L90531-1668
 L-connector, conical
External conical R-threads with external hexagon
L-Fitting XVRL-R Push-in R1/8-4mm 316L 90531-1669 
L-Fitting XVRL-R Push-in R1/4-4mm 316L90531-1670
L-Fitting XVRL-R Push-in R1/8-6mm 316L90531-1671
L-Fitting XVRL-R Push-in R1/4-6mm 316L90531-1672
L-Fitting XVRL-R Push-in R1/8-8mm 316L90531-1673
L-Fitting XVRL-R Push-in R1/4-8mm 316L90531-1674
 L-connector swivel, parallell
External G-threads with external hexagon
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in M5x0.8-4mm 316L 90531-1675 
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G1/8A-4mm 316L90531-1676
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G1/4A-4mm 316L90531-1677
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in M5x0.8-6mm 316L90531-1678
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G1/8A-6mm 316L90531-1679
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G1/4A-6mm 316L90531-1680
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G1/8A-8mm 316L90531-1681
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G1/4A-8mm 316L90531-1682
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G3/8A-8mm 316L90531-1683
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G1/4A-10mm 316L90531-1684
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G3/8A-10mm 316L90531-1685
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G3/8A-12mm 316L90531-1686
L XVRL-G Swivel Push-in G1/2A-12mm 316L90531-1687
 T-connector swivel, conical
External conical R-threads with external hexagon
T XVRT-R Swivel Push-in R1/8-4mm 316L 90531-1688 
T XVRT-R Swivel Push-in R1/8-6mm 316L90531-1689
T XVRT-R Swivel Push-in R1/4-6mm 316L90531-1690
T XVRT-R Swivel Push-in R1/8-8mm 316L90531-1691
T XVRT-R Swivel Push-in R1/4-8mm 316L90531-1692
 T-connector swivel, parallell
External parallell G-thread with external hexagon
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in M5x0.8-4mm 316L 90531-1693 
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in G1/8A-4mm 316L90531-1694
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in M5x0.8-6mm 316L90531-1695
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in G1/8A-6mm 316L90531-1696
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in G1/4A-6mm 316L90531-1697
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in G1/8A-8mm 316L90531-1698
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in G1/4A-8mm 316L90531-1699
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in G1/4A-10mm 316L90531-1700
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in G3/8A-10mm 316L90531-1701
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in G3/8A-12mm 316L90531-1702
T XVRT-G Swivel Push-in G1/2A-12mm 316L90531-1703
 Straight connector
Connector XVRUC Push-in 4-4mm 316L 90531-1704 
Connector XVRUC Push-in 6-6mm 316L90531-1705
Connector XVRUC Push-in 8-8mm 316L90531-1706
Connector XVRUC Push-in 10-10mm 316L90531-1707
Connector XVRUC Push-in 12-12mm 316L90531-1708
 Straight connector, reducer
Connector XVRG Push-in 6-4mm 316L 90531-1709 
Connector XVRG Push-in 8-6mm 316L90531-1710
Connector XVRG Push-in 10-8mm 316L90531-1711
Connector XVRG Push-in 12-10mm 316L90531-1712
L XVRUL Push-in 4-4mm 316L 90531-1713 
L XVRUL Push-in 6-6mm 316L90531-1714
L XVRUL Push-in 8-8mm 316L90531-1715
L XVRUL Push-in 10-10mm 316L90531-1716
L XVRUL Push-in 12-12mm 316L90531-1717
T XVRUT Push-in 4-4-4mm 316L 90531-1718 
T XVRUT Push-in 6-6-6mm 316L90531-1719
T XVRUT Push-in 8-8-8mm 316L90531-1720
T XVRUT Push-in 10-10-10mm 316L90531-1721
T XVRUT Push-in 12-12-12mm 316L90531-1722
 Straight reducer
For steam reduction
Connector XVRGJ Plug/Push-in 6-4mm 316L 90531-1723 
Connector XVRGJ Plug/Push-in 8-6mm 316L90531-1724
Connector XVRGJ Plug/Push-in 10-8mm 316L90531-1725
Plug KQG2P 6mm 90516-7407 
Plug KQG2P 10mm70000153373


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