Air hoses

Air hoses for processing solutions. The PA hose is most common in dairy industri but PVDF hose is more resistant against chloride. PE hoses have better flexibility. PTFE hoses for air, chemicals & high temperature.
- PA, general usage (nylon)
- PVDF, general usage, especially in CIP areas
- PE, inside cabinets
- PTFE, (Teflon)
The part number is by meter.

Air hoses
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Polyamid hose type PA12 (nylon)
Colour: White
Working temp: -20ºC to +60ºC
1 roll = 100 meter
PA white 6/4 mm 90521-1939 
PA white 8/6 mm90521-1934
PA white 10/7,5 mm90521-1941
PA white 12/9 mm90521-1937
Hose type PVDF
Colour: Blue
Working temp: -40ºC to +120ºC
1 roll = 100 meter
PVDF blue 6/4 mm 90521-1936 
PVDF blue 8/6 mm90521-1945
PVDF blue 10/8 mm90521-1935
PVDF blue 12/10 mm90521-1944
Polyethylene hose type PE
Colour: White
Working temp: -10ºC to +50ºC
1 roll = 100 meter
PE white 6/4 mm 90521-1938 
PE white 10/8 mm90521-1940
Teflon hose
Colour: White
Max. operating temp: 260ºC
1 roll = 25 meter
PTFE white 6/4 mm 90521-1943 
PTFE white 10/8 mm90521-1942


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