Magnetic mixers

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For mixing in applications with high demands on hygienic and aseptic design
The impeller is levitated from the lower contact surfaces by the magnets
From 10 rpm up to 600 rpm
Mixing batch from 30 liters to 25000 liters
Gentle product treatment is ensured by the unique eight-wing design of the impeller that generate very low share forces
The levitated impeller makes the mixer fully drainable
It is able to run dry without wear or particle generation
Standard design
A complete mixer consist of a weld plate, a mixer unit inclusive a gear drive and a frequency inverter
The weld plate and frequency inverter can be delivered separately to enable installation when needed
The frequency inverter is perfectly matched with the mixer and pre-programmed for optimum performance

Alfa Laval Magnetic Mixers
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 MM 338 & MM 434 mixers


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