Brazed plate heat exchangers

Brazed plate heat exchangers, (BHE), is used for heating of water with steam.
Brazing the stainless steel plates together eliminates the need for gaskets and thick frame plates. The brazing material seals and holds the plates together at the contact points ensuring optimal heat transfer efficiency and pressure resistance. The plate design guarantees the longest possible life time.
High heat efficiency makes it extremely compact and easy to install where space is limited.
The unit has no gaskets and is therefore suitable in applications where temperature and/or pressure is high.

A wider range of plate heat exchangers and accessories are available,
(Contact your local Tetra Pak representative to get more information about these products).

 DescriptionDenominationabLWHPart NoAdd to cart
S1-S4 = G2"B
CB110-16H B23 B23 51992561916166-32871 0155 3 
CB110-24H B23 B2351992771916166-32871 0155 5
CB110-30H B23 B2351992921916166-32871 0155 6
CB110-38H B23 B23519921131916166-32871 0155 7
CB110-46H B23 B23519921331916166-32871 0155 8
CB110-24L B23 B2351992771916166-32871 0160 0
CB110-30L B23 B2351992921916166-32871 0160 1


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